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Our Concept

Explore a world where innovation and agriculture produce extraordinary results.
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Innovative Agricultural Productivity with Our Irrigation Concept

Our stationary overhead network of pipes/sprinklers on a cable structure, which is intelligently controlled by sequential valving, represents the bleeding edge of irrigation technology. This system provides a holistic approach to farm management by perfectly simulating natural rain, the finest form of irrigation.

This paradigm shift away from conventional pivot systems reveals a plethora of advantages, ensuring optimal productivity while conserving your valuable resources. Experience the revolution that not only transforms the way you irrigate, but also has a significant impact on the success of your farm.

Deem Irrigation System Concept 2
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Expanding Horizons  

Optimum Area Utilization and Unmatched Operational Flexibility

Discover the pinnacle of agricultural output with our cutting-edge irrigation system that prioritizes land utilization efficiency. Utilizing its unique design, our system can substantially increase the productive potential of your land by attaining a remarkable 97% area utilization. This is a significant improvement over the 72% offered by conventional pivot systems, demonstrating the transformative potential of our innovative technology.

This system is designed to provide unmatched operational flexibility, ensuring that every square foot of your land contributes to the profitability of your agricultural enterprise. Experience the essence of agricultural efficiency that takes into account your specific requirements, adapts to your farm’s dynamics, and consistently delivers optimal performance. With our system, each plot of land is a fertile guarantee of plenty.

    DEEM (97%)
  • Pivot Systems (72%)
Area Utilization
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Every Drop Counts 

Uniform and Consistent Water Distribution

Allow your flora to benefit from a balanced water distribution. Our sophisticated irrigation system guarantees a uniform precipitation rate across the complete system for each sprinkler. By preventing the discharge and soil compaction that can result from excessive water, we nurture healthy, nutrient-dense soils, thereby preparing the groundwork for the growth of robust crops.

Deem Irrigation System Consistent Water Distribution, V2
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Deem Irrigation System Water Management v2
Precision in Management

Outstanding Water Management

Never before have water management been so precise. Our system regulates and manages water delivery to minimize fertilizer leakage from the root zone and optimize water usage. This judicious stewardship not only conserves water, but also improves the health and yield of your vegetation by applying the ideal amount of hydration.

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Adapting to Landscapes 

Capable of Fitting Any Land Form or Slope

No matter the shape or slope of your farmland, empower it. No matter if you are working with flat fields, precipitous slopes, square sections, or irregularly shaped areas, our irrigation system accommodates without difficulty. We ensure that every part of your farm can contribute to a bountiful harvest by adapting the system to the specific topography of your land.

Deem Irrigation System Fitting on Any Land Form or Slope
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Smooth Operations

Unrestricted Equipment Movement and Maneuverability

Our stationary overhead system eliminates the need for your farm equipment to navigate around obstacles, granting it unfettered reign. This well-considered design improves the efficacy of your daily agricultural operations and enables more streamlined workflows.

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Easy Upkeep

Simple Maintenance

With our low-maintenance irrigation system, we can reduce downtime. Designed as a stationary system with no electro-mechanical moving elements, it eliminates the need for significant corrective maintenance. This guarantees continuous operation, lower overall costs, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your irrigation system is always ready to perform.

Deem Irrigation Sprinklers

Our revolutionary approach to irrigation ushers in a new era in farming. With us, you're investing in a fruitful, sustainable future for your farm. Enhance your agricultural endeavors with a companion who fully comprehends your requirements.