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Our Guarantee

The Deem Guarantee

50-Year Warranty

At Deem Irrigation Systems, we don’t just provide superior irrigation solutions; we also ensure their durability. Our unwavering dedication to quality is reflected in our exceptional warranties. Our meticulously crafted HDPE and LLDPE pipelines are backed by a 50-year warranty.

This extraordinary durability is made possible by the incorporation of a UV additive, which provides the pipes with superior solar protection and ensures their durability even in the harshest conditions.

Deem Irrigation System 50 Years Warranty

10-Year Warranty on the entire irrigation system

We offer a 10-year warranty on the entire irrigation system, excluding pumps and sprinklers. Our systems are designed to withstand the rigors of time and use, as evidenced by their considerable longevity.

Deem Irrigation System 10 Years Warranty

These assurances demonstrate our dedication to your long-term success. With Deem, you are investing in an agricultural future that is not only prosperous but also sustainable and designed to last.