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Innovation, Growth
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Deem Irrigation System provides a comprehensive complete irrigation solutions, propelling the success of your agricultural enterprise.
Our solutions

The Key to Our Success Is Yours

At Deem Irrigation Systems, we utilize our vast agricultural knowledge to develop entirely customized, comprehensive irrigation solutions. Our strategies are meticulously tailored to the scope of your operations, the topography of your land, and the type of crops you grow. We commit to employing the most effective strategy in every circumstance, thereby boosting your productivity and optimizing your yield. Let us grow success together.

Deem solutions
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OUR concept

Efficiency Meets Innovation

Embrace the future of agriculture with our unique overhead stationary irrigation system. This network of pipelines and sprinklers, perched on a cable structure and intelligently guided by sequential valving, paves the way for agricultural innovation. The effectiveness and adaptability of the system provide uniform water distribution and optimal water management. Meticulously designed to align with any terrain, it amplifies space utilization while streamlining equipment relocation and maintenance operations.

Our Facilities

Crafting Innovation

Embrace the impressive size and technical superiority of our facilities. Our manufacturing centers, located in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Sudan, are the throbbing core of Deem Irrigation Systems. Here, high-quality pipelines, fiberglass poles, and sprinklers give life to our innovative irrigation concepts.These integral components of our irrigation solutions are the result of an ideal synthesis of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship.

Deem Our Facilities

Our Global Projects

Explore with us some of our most notable irrigation projects, which demonstrate our commitment to providing superior irrigation solutions.We have transformed a vast 20,000 feddan (8,400 ha) for Amtaar Investment in Sudan and provided pipelines for a vast 200,000 feddan (84,000 ha) for Canal Sugar in Egypt. Several successful initiatives in the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia attest to our expertise and commitment.

OUR Guarantee

Commitment Beyond Time

We believe in the effectiveness of lasting quality. With Deem Irrigation Systems, our pipelines are covered by a remarkable 50-year warranty, and our entire system is covered by a 10-year warranty, excluding pumps and sprinklers.

  • 50 Years Warranty On Pipelines.
  • 10 Years Warranty On Entire System.
Deem Irrigation System 50 Years Warranty
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