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Amtaar Investment

Amtaar Investment is a Joint Venture between Deem and the Sudanese government. Amtaar has an administrative office in Khartoum and an irrigation farm at Al Dabbah in the Northern region, 340km north of Khartoum in the Sahara desert.

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About Amtaar Investment

In 2011, our partnership with Amtaar Investment in Sudan led to the establishment of the world’s largest stationary overhead irrigation agricultural project. Covering an expansive area of 20,000 feddan (8,400 hectares), our innovative irrigation system was the driving force behind the success of this project, exemplifying our commitment, technological innovation, and meticulousness. The project continues to operate with extraordinary efficiency and minimal maintenance over a decade later, serving as a testament to our robust and efficient irrigation systems.

Our meticulously crafted pipelines, which originated from our state-of-the-art facility, were essential to the success of the endeavor. These pipelines, which were the result of stringent quality control and meticulous craftsmanship, were essential to the realization of Amtaar’s ambitious vision. Our innovative irrigation system was adequate to the task of generating 230,000 MT of dry fodder yearly. Amtaar was able to achieve their ideal yield thanks in large part to the design’s emphasis on efficiency and longevity.